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Lake Nakuru

A relatively small park at approximately 250 square kms, Nakuru should never be overlooked. There are many reasons for this fabled park's reputation and 1.2 million flamingos cannot be wrong. Lake Nakuru is an alkaline lake and if there is little rainfall flamingo numbers will swell accordingly. 

Nakuru is also the big success story for rhino. The park was the focus of ‘Rhino Rescue', the charity dedicated to saving the world's rhinos, which paid for and built the electric fence that now surrounds the park. As the park is fenced and well run so these endangered animals are safe now in their haven and it is not uncommon to see twenty in a single game drive. There are some 60 black rhinos here, as well as 40 white, though it is the white that you see mostly as the black are much more reclusive.

Nakuru is also justifiably famous for leopards. Without a large number of lions, leopards are less marginalised than in other parks and, unusually for these crepuscular animals, they are also frequently seen during the day. The park has long fringes of fever trees down both sides of the lake and their thick branches make ideal spots for daytime lounging.

Among the other species which proliferate in the park, the most impressive are the buffalo, giraffe and water buck. There are also almost 450 species of birds including possibly the highest concentration of the beautiful long crested eagle anywhere. 

Updated at: 02-01-2016